Aaron Rodgers Filmed Riding In Truck Bed With Case Of Bud Light

Aaron Rodgers / Facebook, Tundra Talk / Twitter

Even though the Green Bay Packers aren’t going to the Super Bowl LV, that isn’t stopping their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers from enjoying life. Earlier this week, Rodgers was filmed riding in the bed of a pickup truck having the time of his life. The best part of it? He was holding a case of Bud Light.

The moment was captured in a video and posted onto TikTok. While there was some speculation as to whether or not it was actually Rodgers, the quarterback confirmed it on Twitter. “Ya that was me,” Rodgers wrote, with the flexing arm and laughing face emojis. He went on to explain that the red GMC truck he hitched a ride on belongs to his teammate, David Bakhtiari.

The video surfaced on Thursday, January 28, 2021, and was confirmed by Rodgers himself the following day.

Rodgers’ former teammate A.J. Hawk talked about the moment on The Pat McAfee Show. His theory was that Rodgers was on his way to practice.

“He’s riding back to Lambeau from practice. That’s the little drive you have to make in your pads if you just have the back of somebody’s truck” Hawk explained.

Watch the video of Rodgers below.