Actress Who Plays Tim McGraw’s Daughter In “1883” Speaks About Their Real-Life Bond

Paramount Plus / YouTube

The new Yellowstone prequel series 1883 follows John Dutton’s ancestors on their journey to their future home in Montana.

Country music superstars (and real-life couple) Tim McGraw and Faith Hill play John’s ancestors, James and Margaret. Audie Rick plays their young son, also named John and Isabel May plays their adventurous daughter, Elsa.

After spending so much time together filming the series, May has developed a close relationship with both McGraw and Hill. In an interview with CinemaBlend, May spoke specifically about her real-life bond with McGraw and shared what he’s like on set:

Tim takes this very seriously,” May said of McGraw’s approach to his role in 1883. “He takes his character very seriously. He cares deeply about the story.”

May says she and McGraw had an immediate “connection” when they met. “It took very little to care deeply about him, and to feel this paternal kind of warmth emanating from him,” she said.

The 21-year-old actress mentioned how McGraw has three daughters, “ he understands what it is like to have a child, especially a young woman as a kid.”

“...Tim’s a pretty remarkable man, and I feel very lucky to be performing alongside him,” May continued. “He’s very special.”

James and Elsa seem to share a special bond in 1883. So it warms our hearts to hear that May and McGraw share a special bond in real life as well.