After Years Of Hard Work, Ronnie Dunn Celebrates Monumental Achievement

Ronnie Dunn / Facebook

You all know Ronnie Dunn as one half of what is arguably the most successful country music duo ever…Brooks & Dunn. Made up of Dunn and his good friend Kix Brooks, Brooks & Dunn scored 20 number one hits and saw 19 more make it into the Top Ten.

After 20 years of performing together, the duo eventually parted ways in 2010 so Dunn and Brooks could focus on their solo projects. Since then, Brooks has released two solo records, while Dunn has released three.

Brooks & Dunn’s separation didn’t last for long. A few years back, they reunited in order to perform with Reba McEntire in Las Vegas. That residency has been renewed time and time again, with some dates already scheduled for 2018.

Although they have their residency, the duo has refrained from doing a full-scale tour together. This has given both Dunn and Brooks the time to focus not only on their music, but some of their other projects as well.

Only Dunn’s most devoted fans know that he is so much more than just a singer and songwriter. Even those who don’t actively follow him can take a glance at his social media accounts and quickly learn that he has a passion and talent for photography.

Dunn has been working on his photography skills for years now, ever since Brooks & Dunn decided to part ways. As he explained during an interview with One Country, he picked up photography after the duo disbanded because he felt like he needed something to do:

When I kind of left the Brooks and Dunn thing, I just didn’t have anything to do with my hands, so I needed something creative to do. I’m a terrible carpenter, so I got a camera and had a place in Santa Fe, and the sunsets out there are —The house was located in a spot which just literally like, you owned the sunset. I would go out and play with that, and then I just kept getting more into it and more into it. Next thing you know I’m trying to catch lightning, storms going across the river, people screaming at me, ‘Get in the house.’ Now it’s really fun, really fun.”

Since then, Dunn has travelled all over the country and has captured some breathtaking shots in the process. Fans were particularly impressed with the striking images he snapped during rodeo events.

Now, Dunn’s rodeo photography is being recognized to an even higher degree. As he proudly announced on Brooks & Dunn’s Facebook page, 12 photos from one of his rodeo shoots were selected for display in a exhibit at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum.

Dunn wrote that he was “blown away” to hear about this achievement. He revealed that the exhibit will be open for a full year, from February 2018-February 2019. More details will be revealed in an official press release at a later date.

In addition to all of that, Dunn also shared that one of his photos, titled “Sea of Hats,” will be featured in the February/March edition of Cowboys & Indians magazine. Look in the post below to see that photo, as well as a few others that will be included in his museum exhibit.

Congratulations to Dunn on this remarkable achievement! We know how hard he’s worked toward this!