Amy Earnhardt Catches Dale Jr. Living A “Double Life” By Hiding His Snacks

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images

She caught her famous NASCAR husband red-handed and put him on blast all over social media with a video that laid out the entire situation.

Alone in the car, Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s wife, Amy Earnhardt, was rifling through some of the stuff in the console when she found something that prompted her to call his “double life” out to the world.

The pair, which have been working tirelessly on a DIY Network show that features them remodeling a historic Key West, Florida home, also are preparing for the arrival of their first child in May. With all the traveling and on-the-road business, the two likely find themselves without a fully-stocked kitchen to work with – and that’s where the story begins.

Amy, sitting in the car waiting for Dale Jr. to return, spotted something out of the ordinary that wasn’t hers…but was something that her husband has vowed not to eat at home.

“Dale Jr. lives a double life,” Amy says looking straight into the camera with a fun filter applied to the lens. “At home, he says he doesn’t eat any sweets – he’s worried about getting fat, blah blah blah…”

She pans the camera around to the console of the vehicle to show everyone her newfound discovery, adding “in the car, I find shit like this!” 

In full view was an empty king-size Mr. Goodbar wrapper that clearly doesn’t fall into Dale Jr.’s diet habits at home.

Amy Earnhardt / Instagram

Captioning the hilarious video, Amy says “You’re busted, Ralph.” 

Watch her full exposè below.