Gwen Stefani Gushes Over Extravagant Valentine’s Gift From Blake Shelton

John Shearer / BBMA2017 / Contributor / Getty Images

While many celebrity couples got the chance to spend Valentine’s Day together this year, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani did not. Shelton’s new tour is set to kick off on Thursday (February 15) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he was likely making preparations for the show, hence why he couldn’t be with Stefani.

But even though the two of them couldn’t be together, Shelton made sure that his girlfriend of over two years knew that he was thinking about her. He really outdid himself with his gift, which was an extravagant bouquet of flowers.

Once the flowers were delivered, Stefani’s house was bursting with excitement. Her youngest son, three-year-old Apollo, came running at her yelling, “Mommy he loves you, he loves you!” Seriously y’all, how cute is that?

Stefani happened to capture all of this on Instagram and Snapchat, because she knew she wanted to share the special moment with her fans. After her son ran past her, it was Stefani’s turn to shout with glee, which is exactly what happened when her eyes landed on the bouquet Shelton sent.

Oh my God,” she said while walking around the massive bouquet. “I’ve never seen anything like that!” While the bouquet was mostly made of red roses, there were a few other flowers thrown in there as well, which made it a truly unique arrangement.

Stefani also shared a photo of the card Shelton sent her, which contained a simple and sweet message of love. “Have a great Valentine’s Day! I love you! ” it read.

Later, Stefani scooped up her son and started gushing about the beautiful bouquet Shelton sent her.I’ve never got flowers like that, ” she said. “I’m freaking out.”

We’d say that Stefani was impressed with Shelton’s gift, wouldn’t you? You can watch more of her reaction in the compilation clip below.

How will Shelton ever compete with himself after giving Stefani something so spectacular? We’re sure he’ll find a way!