Baby Eagle Hatchling Dies On Nest Cam

Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam / Facebook

Facebook page Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam, a nonprofit organization, shared the news that one of the baby eagle hatchlings in their wild eagle nest has died.

“The chick in the first egg that was working on hatching last night, appears to have stopped moving this afternoon. This is very sad and also, it is part of nature,” they wrote on Facebook.

The team reached out to say there is no way of knowing the reason for why the hatchling died, no matter how much they speculate or try to figure it out. However, they expressed how grateful they are for having the privilege of watching the daily lives of the bald eagles. Especially, the mother Jackie and father Shadow.

“Jackie and Shadow are continuing to diligently take care of the second egg…we will watch and see what happens next. Thank you all for your great interest in and love of watching Jackie and Shadow in their daily lives. We appreciate your dedication and support,” Eagle Nest Cam added.

The nonprofit organization has an eagle nest cam installed that streams a live YouTube video of Jackie and Shadow. You watch them in the video below.

Bald Eagles LIVE Stream Video Below