Baby Javelina Found In Trash Given Stuffed Animal With Heartbeat Simulator For Comfort

Tucson Wildlife Center / Facebook

According to the Tucson Wildlife Center’s Facebook page, a wild one-week-old baby javelina was found in the trash can a few blocks away from Catalina High School.

The javelina, also known as peccary, was found by some construction workers in the middle of town and so they called the authorities to come get it. Once the officials got there they looked around for its herd but it was nowhere in to be seen, so they took the javelina to the Tucson Wildlife Center’s hospital.

After running a few tests they found the baby was in good health and gave it a soft bed that had a warm stuffed animal with a battery-powered heartbeat simulator in it to make it feel more comfortable. The little javelina cuddled right up to it.

The report stated that the trash can was very low to the ground and they believe that it fell into it by accident. Dr. Roberto Aguilar, the center’s vet doesn’t think it was maliciously put there to kill it. Its herd was probably rummaging through the trash when it fell in.

Regardless, the baby javelina will stay in the center’s custody until the animal experts find its herd. If its herd can’t be located then they will gradually integrate it into another herd until it grows up strong enough to get released back into the wild.

History & Information About The Javelina

Javelinas are medium-sized pig-like hoofed mammals that stem from the Tayassuidae family (New World pigs). They’re only found in Central and South America and in the southwestern parts of North America. They grow anywhere between 3 to 4.3 feet tall and weigh between 44 to 88 pounds when full grown.

According to Wikipedia, the Mayan’s used them as a food source and in performing rituals. Still to this day, farmers raise them on their farms and people eat them. However, people don’t do the rituals thing anymore, instead, they are often kept as pets because they are so small.

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