Baby Memphis Sports Adorable Patriotic Outfit In Photos From First 4th Of July

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

Since he was born on December 1, Memphis Aldean has been able to celebrate his fair share of holidays. While he was still just a little fella when he experienced his first Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter, he was already looking at grown up at his first 4th of July gathering.

Taking advantage of the warm weather, the Aldean family got together for what appeared to be a fun pool day. Everyone brought out their best patriotic attire for the event, including 7-month-old Memphis.

The photos that Brittany Aldean had to share of her baby boy show off his adorable American-themed look the best. He kept it fairly simple, sporting a pair of jazzy American flag shorts/swim trunks and nothing else. Well, that is, except for a pair of bright blue goggles.

Seriously, just look at how cute he is!

By swiping over that first photo you see of Brittany and Memphis, you’ll see another picture the mother-son duo took with Jason. If you thought Memphis’ shorts were festive, just get a load of the shorts that Jason was wearing…the stripes of the flag were made out of red Solo cups and the stars were ping pong balls.

Good taste in patriotic fashion apparently runs through the generations, as Jason showcased in his own 4th of July post. He chose to share a photo of himself, his father, and Memphis all hanging out at the pool.

Like his son Jason and grandson Memphis, Barry knows how to go all-out for the 4th of July. He rocked a rustic American flag tank top, which he accented with a hat that matched Jason’s.

Of course, Memphis was still the star of the snapshot. You’ll melt over how cute he looks in his little flag shorts!

We wonder if Jason and Brittany played Jason’s “Flyover States” at their 4th of July gathering? The song is perfect for such get-togethers, because it celebrates all the great states in our nation that people sometimes overlook.

If you haven’t heard the song in a while, go ahead and give it a listen below.

We hope the Aldeans enjoyed their first 4th of July with Memphis!