Baseball Game Stops Due To Squirrel On The Field

Marquee Sports Network / Twitter

A hilarious video going viral on Monday (June 20) shows the moment a squirrel interrupted a Pittsburgh Pirates game against the Chicago Cubs and had three staffers looking like “The Three Stooges” chasing after the critter trying to catch it.

It was during the second inning of the game when the squirrel decided to jet out onto the field causing the game to have to go into a temporary pause.

One of the Pittsburgh Pirates staffers grabbed a bucket, the outfield grabbed a net, and the third staffer ran with a towel, and all three men did their best to go after it.

The staffers chased the critter back and forth across the outer field as it easily juked around them making them slip and fall all over the field.

Right when they were just about all tired out, the squirrel decided to run off the field by bolting through a fence, and the game could be continued.

The video scene was so funny that the MLB decided to have some fun with it and tweeted out that Sandy Cheeks from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants was “wildin.”

The unexpected event riled the crowd up so much that Pirates rookie stars ended up beating the Cubs 12-1.

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