Beyoncé Reveals Track List For Country Album Including “Jolene” Cover

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Pop Superstar Beyoncé is venturing into a new genre with her upcoming album

Cowboy Carter, the first-ever country album by Beyoncé will hit speakers tomorrow, March 29th. The project, which the musician says was inspired by a negative experience within the country music community, has been the topic of much conversation since it was announced.

When Beyoncé’s first single from the album, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” topped the country charts, Dolly Parton shared her support online, saying that she is a “big fan” and is “very excited” about the forthcoming album.


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Tracklist and extended title for Cowboy Carter revealed in a creative way

Beyoncé has shared various posts in the lead-up to the album’s release, generating excitement and speculation about what is to come. Just two days before Cowboy Carter is set to drop, the Grammy-Award-winning artist shared a graphic that revealed the tracklist to her followers.

Among the tracks is a cover of Dolly Parton’s timeless hit “Jolene.” Next to the title is the name “Dolly P.” but is has not been confirmed whether this is an additional track or if the country music queen will be featured on the song.

Additionally, the image displayed an extended title for the project: Cowboy Carter and the Rodeo Chitlin’ Circuit. 


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Beyoncé teases a potential collaboration with Willie Nelson

One track in particular, “Smoke Hour,” has captured the attention of fans. Willie Nelson’s name is listed prominently below the song title, creating suspicion that it may be a collaboration between the pair. The anticipation grew when the country music legend himself seemed to confirm the duet by reposting Beyoncé’s tracklist to his Instagram story.

Listen to Beyonce’s debut single “Texas Hold ‘Em” below. The full album drops tomorrow, March 29th.