Did This “Voice” Contestant Break Any Rules? Fans Think So

The Voice / YouTube

Fans of The Voice were in an uproar following singer Bryan Olesen’s Blind Audition, which aired on March 4th.

Olesen performed OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out” and had three coaches turn for him almost immediately. His Blind Audition has a whopping 7.9 million on Facebook alone, with another 608,000+ on YouTube.

He received high accolades from all the coaches on The Voice, with John Legend even saying that it was “the best audition we’ve seen.”

Bryan Olesen "the Voice"
The Voice / YouTube

After much deliberation, Olesen chose Legend as his coach over Reba McEntire and Dan + Shay.

Bryan Olesen has a long history in the music business.

Olesen has been the lead singer of the Christian band VOTA since their inception in 1997. He and the band have released seven albums together over the years, the latest being in 2016.

From 2004-January 2006, Olesen became the guitarist and backup vocalist for popular Christian band Newsboys. While he was with the band, they were nominated for a Worship Song of the Year, Song of the Year, Praise & Worship Album of the Year, and Group of the Year at the Dove Awards.

As you will see below, fans have called him out for being in a Grammy-nominated band. It is true that Newsboys have been nominated for a Grammy, but never when Olesen was a member.

Fans unleashed on social media.

See some of the social media reactions below.

“He’s a professional singer. Seems a bit unfair.”

“Professionals should not be allowed on The Voice. It’s not fair to the people who are truly amateurs.”

“Geez, already a professional singer….read about him & don’t think he should be allowed due to that against hopeful new talents, not what show was about to my knowledge”

“Look him up. He is already an established musician that has been part of a Grammy-nominated band.”

“I don’t think someone established should compete. Let someone who has not had the opportunity have the spot.”

“Love the concept but between letting America vote (popularity) and now allowing someone from the music industry compete? You’ve lost this viewer for good.”

“The only problem I have with this guy. He’s already had massive success playing with the Newsboys. I have followed and loved and seen the Newsboys multiple times they’ve also been in God’s not Dead the movie so he’s had lots of recognition lots of success. No not on his own but he’s been there so I kind of don’t think it’s fair even though”

Did Olsen break any rules by auditioning for the show?

We pulled up The Voice‘s Eligibility Requirements on the official website, and there are a total of eight rules. The first few rules are pretty basic in that you have to be present in the United States, over the age of 13, cannot be a candidate for public office and cannot run to become one until a full year after you are on the show.

Additionally, you must submit to a background check and complete all forms necessary in a timely manner. Participants need to be willing to travel and live in specific location for several weeks at a time during filming.

The last rule is “You may not participate in the Program if your participation would create impropriety or the appearance of impropriety.”

They continue saying that basically a contestant cannot have been an employee or have any ties with employees of any of the media companies involved with shooting and distributing The Voice, or any sponsors of the show.

It seems that Olesen is not breaking any of the rules. 

Watch Olsen recent Battle Round, which he ended up losing. McEntire and Dan + Shay both hit their Steal buttons for him, but, Legend used his “Playoff Pass” button for Olesen, which allowed him to skip the next round of competition and advance to Live Playoffs.

“Bryan is such a pro, such a superstar vocalist, but he hasn’t had that huge break that I feel like he really deserves,” Legend said after the performance. “I think he could win ‘The Voice.’”