Big Wild Lynx Boldly Jumps On Logger’s Skidder

ViralHog / YouTube

It was a typical day for this logger from Alberta, Canada. He was out in the forest, working with his skidder when he suddenly came face to face with an unexpected wildcat.

The logger was stopped on the road when he looked down and saw a Canada lynx standing by the tire of his machine. He immediately climbed on the roof of the skidder and started recording the encounter on his camera.

The lynx, seemingly unafraid of the large machine and the logger, then jumped up onto the tire, looked at the logger, and then jumped again to the arch of the skidder.

ViralHog / YouTube

The lynx was now only a few feet away from the logger and sat there, curiously watching him. The logger in awe of the beautiful wild cat just sat there and watched it in silence for a couple of minutes.

After a while, the lynx then jumped back down onto the tire and with one great big leap, jumped off the tire and back onto the ground.

The Llnx then slowly walked back into the forest, never to be seen again. The logger was left with an unforgettable memory and a video of the encounter.

According to Viral Hog,  the man filming the video said, “I am a logger from Alberta, Canada. I was stopped on the road with my skidder and looked back and to my great surprise, there was a Lynx standing by the tire on my machine. I quickly climbed on the roof and started videoing. He then jumped up on the tire, looked at me, and then jumped again on the arch of my skidder. Only a few feet from me now, he sat and curiously watched me. After a few minutes, he jumped back down on my tire and then with one great big leap, jumped off the tire back on the ground and slowly walked back into the forest never to be seen again.”

ViralHog / YouTube

The encounter occurred in February 2020 at Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada.

The Canada Lynx is a medium-sized wild cat native to the boreal forests of North America. It is a rare sight to see one in the wild, and even more rare to have such a close encounter like the one described by the logger.

The Lynx population has been declining in recent years due to habitat loss and hunting, making encounters like this even more special.

The logger was lucky to have had such an encounter, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting our wild spaces and the animals that call them home.

Watch The Footage of The Lynx Encounter Below