Bill Anderson Recruits Star-Studded Cast For “Waffle House Christmas”

Tanya Tucker / Twitter

An Offer Of “Food And Fun”

It can be hard to get a group of people together – especially when they are all celebrities with busy schedules! Luckily, Bill Anderson knew just was to do to get Tanya Tucker, Kid Rock, Gretchen Wilson, and Jeannie Seely to help him out with his new music video – offer food!

Anderson told PEOPLE, “We dined on Waffle House staples … grits and eggs and raisin bread along with hash browns covered and smothered.”

This southern-started chain restaurant was the perfect place for the celebs to come together for a funky and fun music video!

Friendly & Famous Faces

And there was more than just food to get excited about. With a star-studded cast like Tanya Tucker, Gretchen Wilson, Kid Rock, Bill Anderson and Jeannie Seely – there was bound to be lots

Gretchen Wilson told PEOPLE, “I am so grateful that I was asked to be involved in something like this. I’ve been such a fan of Bill Anderson for so long.”

Even legendary Tanya Tucker was excited for the filming saying, “I’ve never had this much fun at a Waffle House! Bill Anderson is one of my heroes and he’s written some of the greatest songs of all time…we had such a blast behind the scenes with Kid Rock, Gretchen Wilson, and Jeannie Seely.”

Gretchen Was Well Prepared

While most of the musicians had to find their own costumes for the set – Wilson was already well-prepared way before she was even asked to be in Anderson’s video.

She explained that, “I get to hang out with my heroes! I also had a Waffle House uniform in my closet from a television special we did several years ago.”

The country star even uses the costume from time to time as a way to avoid the paparazzi and wild fans. Heck, she even wore it to vote this year!

Enjoy The Madness

At the end of the day, the famous friends had a great time filming the video. They told PEOPLE that they “hope you will enjoy watching the madness as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

As you get pumped to see all the stars in action, check out Anderson’s song below. With his hilarious lyrics, it is sure to get you even more excited than you could ever imagine!