Black Bear Breaks Into Home With Kids Inside

Sean Reddy / Facebook

Sean Reddy from Northern Alberta had a scary run-in with a bear after it broke into his home while his two children were there.

“So I walked around from the backyard to the front with the dogs and a bear was right outside the garage door which was open,” Sean Reddy wrote on Facebook.

As soon as the dogs saw the bear they went after it and the bear was cornered in the garage. Sean quickly gathered his dogs and threw them in the shop. He then went into the house to alert the boys that a bear was in their garage and when he went back out to the garage to check on the bear, it was gone.

“I assumed it went away. That’s when my youngest boy came out saying he heard scratching inside the house, then saw the bear which he first thought was our heavy-set black dog Luna but realize it was way too big,” he said.

Sean went inside the home to find out if the bear was really in there and he spotted it in the hallway walking into his son’s room. He followed the bear and closed the bedroom door behind it thinking the bear would exit out of an open window he believed that it came through in the first place.

“I assumed that his window was open because figured that’s where the bear had come in. Then went outside to watch the bear come out his window but realized then the window was closed!” he wrote.

He then ran back inside and learned that the bear had come through his other son’s bedroom window and that’s when he had to figure out a plan to get it out.

Sean closed all the doors and windows in the house, except for the bear’s escape window, and then barricaded everything so that when the bear came out of the room, it only had one way to go.

“Opened the bedroom door and luckily the bear wanted out and went back out his window. He sauntered up the driveway, set off a bear banger beside him but he didn’t care a bit!” Sean said.

Officials set up a bear trap outside the home just in case it comes back. 

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