Blake Shelton Reveals What He REALLY Thinks About Miley Cyrus

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Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are already gearing up for the next season of The Voice, and this time around they’ll be joined by two new coaches. R&B artist Alicia Keys will fill in one of the famous red coaches’ chairs while pop star Miley Cyrus will complete the lineup. After serving as the key advisor on The Voice‘s last season, Cyrus is no stranger to the show. Still, that doesn’t mean viewers are set to welcome her with open arms.

When it was announced that Cyrus would be joining the coaches’ panel, many viewers were upset by the choice. Citing Cyrus’ way of dressing and dancing on stage, many viewers feel that she will not be a good coach for the contestants.

Since Cyrus joined The Voice, Shelton has been asked about his fellow coach in many interviews. While he admits he doesn’t know Cyrus all that well yet, he says he does know her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, so they have that connection. During an interview on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show, Shelton shared he considers Cyrus a friend. However, he agrees that some of her “antics” may detract some people from her talent as a singer.

I feel like her antics sometimes keep people from realizing what an incredible singer she is,” he said.

But when it comes to Cyrus’ abilities as an artist, Shelton had nothing but praise for his fellow coach. Calling her “one of the most talented people,” Shelton said that something incredible happens whenever Cyrus performs.

I mean, that girl can really sing,” he said. “When she just sings, it’s like, ‘Oh my God!’

According to Shelton’s comments, we have a feeling he will get along just fine with Cyrus on The Voice. If the way they acted around one another last season is any indication, we’re sure to be in for a lot of hysterical moments between the two! You can see some of Cyrus’ funniest moments on the last season of The Voice in the clip below.

What do you think of what Shelton had to say about Cyrus? Do you agree?