Brad Paisley Facetimes Carrie Underwood At 2017 Concert For ‘Remind Me’ Duet

Brandon Tracey / YouTube

Country music star Brad Paisley treated his London audience to a riveting performance of his duet “Remind Me,” and found a unique way to bring Carrie Underwood straight to his fans!

Performing at the C2C (Country to Country) Festival, Paisley kicked off his intro to the ballad without Underwood by his side but blew fans away with an all-inclusive surprise that placed the beloved singer behind the crooner on a massive screen.

A FaceTime video call appeared on the screen as Paisley continued to sing, revealing a dolled-up Underwood just in time for her angelic chorus! The audience roared with cheers and applause as the blonde bombshell sang alongside Paisley, making her musical appearance despite being thousands of miles away!

As the performance wrapped up, Paisley thanked the singer for her time, in which she hilariously responded, “Thank you! I wish I could be there! But this is better because I don’t actually have to be with Brad!” After their comical banter, Underwood wished the singer and his audience a great night before signing off!

Talk about the awesome perks of technology! You can check out their one-of-a-kind performance below!