Bride Squeals When Groomsmen Line Dance To Medley Of Songs


Sitting down at the edge of the dance floor, she had no idea what was going to happen next, but when the groomsmen started dancing – her mind was blown!

Following the wedding ceremony and what was clearly a joyful and spirited reception, this beautiful bride was brought to her seat in a comfy chair at the dance floor so that she could watch what happened next, and she fell in love all over again.

YouTube/Ginger Topham

Lining up the other eight groomsmen, her new husband took his place as the emcee kicked off the track he and his close friends had been practicing to for so long. With the first few steps of the dance, it’s clear that this had been a well-kept secret from the bride as she sat in shock and disbelief.

YouTube/Ginger Topham

Moving through various songs, this squad of friends had perfected their routine to the point that they look nearly identical to a professional dance team, doing the wiggle, electric slide, and even some classic synchronized moves – all in an effort to give his beauty another sweet gift of happiness!

YouTube/Ginger Topham

At the end of the dance, these fine fellas finished it out by donning some black cowboy hats and taking off into an amazing line dancing sequence to the tune of Brad Paisley‘s “The World”. It was then that she grabbed both sides of her face in a wonderful moment of happiness and delight at just how much work her new husband and his friends had put into this stunning dance show.

Watch one of the best groomsmen dances you’ll ever see in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!