Bulldog Tries To Stop Killer During “Psycho” Shower Scene By Barking

Elvis and Khaleesi / YouTube

Khaleesi, and English bulldog may give you the biggest smile in the world when you watch him watch an old scary movie called Psycho.

The bulldog’s owner films him as he sits in front of the TV watching the actor Marion Crane, who plays a woman named Janet  Leigh who is in a room getting ready to take a shower. He watches the film like it’s his favorite thing to do and moves his ears up and down as scenes change.

When Marion removes her clothes to get into the shower Khaleesi looks away from the TV like a proper gentleman. He checks out his owner for a minute but when the murderer appears behind the shower curtain in the movie and opens the curtain with a knife, Marion screams… and the bulldog absolutely loses it.

Elvis and Khaleesi / YouTube

He jumps up from his seated position and barks loudly at the TV like he can do something about it. The killer continuously stabs his victim. Khaleesi carries on barking at the murderer who ends up eventually killing the lady.

Once the killer walks away and the lady falls down dead, not screaming anymore the bulldog sits back down on the floor as if he chased the murderer away with his barking. It’s totally adorable. You’ve got to see this YouTube video for yourself below.

Watch Bulldog Bark At TV As Murderer Enters The Scene