Camper Trapped Inside Tent As Bear Raids His Campsite

RM Videos / YouTube

If you’re going to be in bear territory, it’s certainly smart to learn how to peacefully live with them for your safety and theirs.

What we’re going to talk about and take a look at today is how this one camper got learned a valuable lesson. He got lucky and was able to film the apex predator walking into their campsite while they were sitting inside their tent.

Footage showed a car parked on the campsite honking its horn as the man filmed from inside of a tent pointing his camera towards a picnic table which had food in bags and coolers laid out on it.

Within seconds, a massive black bear walks right up to the table and starts sniffing around at the bags of food laid out almost in a buffet style.

RM Videos / YouTube

The bear continues to sniff around until it sets its eyes on a small blue cooler and proceeded to paw at it until it opens and it takes a bag of food out of it.

Onlookers standing on the road near the campsite, as well as driving down the road in another vehicle stop their SUV to watch the bear as it pillages the food.

A dog was barking and people were making different noises trying to scare the bear away from the man filming in the tent.

RM Videos / YouTube

Eventually, the bear found a nice slab of steaks that fell out of the blue cooler and it picked that up with its mouth and took off out of the sight of the camera.

These campers certainly learned that it would be safer next time for them to leave their food inside their car parked on site instead of outside in the open. But hey, this could have happened to any camper.

Watch Footage Of The Bear Stealing Food Below