Captured On Film: 3 Mountain Lions Surprise Turkey Hunters

Janis Putelis / Instagram

When sounding off turkey calls during a turkey hunt, you typically expect to attract turkeys. Such wasn’t the case for one hunter who encountered a completely different animal than he was expecting.

Janis Putelis is an avid hunter/outdoorsman mostly recognized for his appearances on the Netflix show, MeatEater. He was recently hunting for turkey in Colorado when he was approached by three mountain lions at close range.

During the encounter, Putelis was able to capture footage that shows two of three mountain lions that came within yards of Putelis and his hunting partner. The two of them were stationary and camouflaged, hoping to attract turkeys, and didn’t expect a couple of mountain lions.

The video shows two of the three lions that stealthily come in close to inspect the hunters. One pauses for a couple of seconds, staring directly at them before taking off into the woods.

While mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, they can happen if the animal feels threatened. recommends in the event that you encounter one in the wild, don’t run, appear as large as possible, and constantly face the animal.

Fortunately, both hunters were unharmed in this encounter and Putelis was able to bag a turkey on his last day.

Watch the video of the mountain lion encounter below.