Tearful Chip Gaines Recalls Painful Memory Of College Bullying

Magnolia Network / YouTube

On an episode of Joanna Gaines’ cooking show Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, her husband, Chip, surprised fans with an emotional appearance.

In the episode, Chip joined his wife for a segment of her show. The two were preparing an Italian feast, and Chip helped his wife by chopping some onions. Even with shades on, Chip became teary-eyed and admitted that slicing the onions reminded him of a “sad time” in his life.

“It reminds me of junior college, which was a very sad time for me,” Chip explained.

Magnolia Network / YouTube

Immediately thrown off by the correlation, Joanna inquired why onions reminded him of college. Chip explained that the tear response triggered the memories from a difficult season of his life.

“I go to junior college on a baseball scholarship and these dudes did not take lightly to the new guy,” Chip recalled.

Chip is known for his fun-loving and goofy personality, but the Fixer Upper: Welcome Home star admitted that he brought out his dark side in junior college. Chip even showed up in a parking lot to fight a guy who constantly picked at him. 

“After about 6, 12 months of that I was like, ‘Man I gotta get out of here,’” Chip remembered. “You know, a shark probably wouldn’t do too well in a pond. So I needed to find my right body of water and once I did, those two things came together and I found this lovely lady.”

See a clip from the episode below.

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