Carrie Underwood Plays Huge Part In Helping Soldier Reunite With His Wife

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We’ve all seen the videos of reunions between military members and their families. After months away from home, those serving in the armed forces sometimes get the opportunity to come home earlier than expected. When this happens, some plan surprise reunions with their loved ones, which are always emotional moments.

Originally, Kevin Archbald was not supposed to return home from where he was stationed in Kuwait until December. But when he found out he was being sent home early, he wanted to do something extra special for his wife, Tabitha.

That’s where Carrie Underwood came in. In what Kevin called “Operation Underwood,” he planned to return home to Anchorage, Alaska and surprise Tabitha with two tickets to Carrie’s concert in the city on August 31. But when Kevin went to get the tickets, he discovered they were all sold out.

Kevin didn’t give up on finding a pair of tickets, and he contacted radio station KBEAR 104.1 FM to see if they could help out. Not only was the radio station able to retrieve a pair of tickets for Kevin and Tabitha, but they got them backstage passes as well, giving them the chance to meet Underwood.

A local news station was on hand when Kevin walked in and surprised Tabitha at work upon his arrival home. The moment was emotional for all involved, as Tabitha rushed into her husband’s arms with a huge smile on her face.

After they were reunited, Kevin presented Tabitha with the tickets and VIP passes to Carrie’s concert. That made his sweet surprise even sweeter!

See Kevin and Tabitha’s emotional reunion in the video below.