Carrie Underwood Shares Comical Way Son Isaiah Reacted To Her Pregnancy

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Carrie Is “Adding Another Little Fish” To Her Family

This year isn’t even over yet, and we already know that Carrie Underwood is going to have one of the busiest schedules of any country singer in 2019. In addition to kicking off a new tour in May, Carrie will also have a brand-new baby to take care of.

Carrie announced both her tour and pregnancy news through a video message she shared on August 8. She saved the pregnancy news for last, saying that she and her husband, retired NHL player Mike Fisher, are “absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond!”

Carrie and Mike are already parents to three-year-old son, Isaiah, who the world has fallen in love with through the photos and videos they share of him on social media.

While many believed that Carrie’s pink outfit in her pregnancy announcement means that she’s having a girl, she’s made it clear early on that she didn’t know at the time if Isaiah would be getting a baby brother or baby sister. She later revealed the baby’s gender during her opening segment at the CMA Awards in November.

It’s another boy! 

What Was Isaiah’s Reaction To The Baby News?

But before Carrie herself even knew the gender of her second child, she sat down with CMT’s Cody Alan to talk all things pregnancy.

Of course, Cody couldn’t help but wonder how Carrie broke the news to Isaiah that he’s going to be a big brother. She then went into the story about how Isaiah learned she was expecting.

As Carrie explained, she had held off on saying anything to Isaiah about her pregnancy. But as her belly grew, he started to notice.

He actually noticed my belly getting bigger,” she said. “And we were kind of staying, visiting some friends and they had a lake property…I’m in a swimsuit, and he’s sitting there squishing my belly.

Isaiah Says The Most Priceless Thing

Then, Carrie thought that Isaiah was going to do something adorable, but she was wrong.

He actually like, bent down, and I thought we were about to have this super sweet moment where he was gonna like, kiss my belly or something,” Carrie said. “And he blew a raspberry.”

After that little experience, Carrie felt it was time to let Isaiah know that he was going to be a big brother. 

So I felt like I needed to address it,” she said. “So then we’re like, ‘You know there’s a baby in there.‘”

Of course, Isaiah asked the one question you would fully expect a three-year-old to ask…how did the baby get in his mama’s belly? Carrie had the perfect answer for him, saying, “God put it there.”

You can hear the full story by checking out the video of Carrie’s interview with Cody Alan below.

Knowing how adorable Isaiah is, we can’t wait to meet his new baby brother!