Carrie Underwood Shares Photos Of Her Adorable New Family Member

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

Carrie Underwood is head-over-heels in love with the newest addition to her family.

During her recent concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, Carrie surprised the crowd by telling them she welcomed a new family member. She just adopted a new puppy!

“I adopted a puppy,” she said, according to The Charlotte Observer. “Don’t tell my children. It’s a surprise.”

When asked what breed her new puppy is, Carrie said she wasn’t sure. She responded, “I don’t know. The best kind. The rescue kind. We’re shelter dog people. That’s how we roll.”

The news comes just a little less than a year after Carrie’s family lost their beloved pup, Ace. Ace had been with Carrie for years, even before she met and married her husband Mike Fisher.

After Ace’s passing, Carrie’s family started looking for another furry friend to join their two dogs Penny and Zero. She believes their new puppy is the perfect fit for their family.

…we’ve been looking for one for a while and I think we found — well, I know we found — our girl,” she said.

A few days after sharing her puppy news at her Charlotte concert, Carrie posted some photos of her new four-legged companion on social media. Her name is Charlotte, after the city where she came from, though her family will call her Charlie:

“Meet Charlotte “Charlie” Nilla Fisher…newest member of the family! I met her in Charlotte when the lovely people at @pincdogrescue brought some puppies to the venue to make us all smile,” Carrie said. “We had been looking for the right pup for our family for a while and she seemed just too good to be true!”

Carrie shared that Charlie is “happy at home” and has been playing with her sons, Isaiah and Jacob. Penny and Zero are also getting along well with their new sister.

Thank you, Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue for all the incredible work you do and thanks for bringing this sweet girl into our lives!” Carrie ended her post.

See the photos Carrie shared of Charlie below. She’s precious!