Carrie Underwood Snaps Electric Workout Photo – Her Legs Look Fabulous

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Whenever she isn’t busy performing or recording, you can likely catch Carrie Underwood in the gym. The 35-year-old singer and American Idol champion is devoted to fitness, and it shows.

Underwood frequently shares literal snapshots from her workouts on Instagram. She can almost always be seen sporting a piece or two from her own line of fitness apparel, CALIA by Carrie.

A couple months back, Underwood snapped a quick photo while taking a break from one of her home workouts. The photo shows off her toned shoulders and arms, as well as one of her CALIA reversible tank tops.

But as undeniably good as Underwood’s shoulders and arms look, it’s her legs that always draw the most attention. You can see just how strong Underwood’s legs are in her many concert photos, since she often wears outfits that show them off.

Just take this photo from her Fourth of July concert in New York as an example. Underwood’s sparkly black romper placed her legs on full display.

But a recent workout selfie Underwood shared proves that her legs can even be completely covered and still look fabulous.

In what may be one of her best workout photos ever, Underwood snapped a quick photo that makes her legs look better than ever. That can be credited to the electric blue CALIA leggings she was sporting.

Underwood professed her affection for the leggings in the caption to her photo, writing, “Loving these blue @CALIAbyCarrie Energize 7/8 leggings!

We don’t know about y’all, but we’re loving them too!

All of those days in the gym have certainly paid off. Underwood seems to be in the best shape of her life, which you can see in her new music video for “Cry Pretty.” Be sure to check that out below.

Kudos to Underwood for always pushing herself to be fit and healthy!