Carrie Underwood’s New Photo Of Isaiah May Be His Cutest One Yet

Terry Wyatt / Stringer / Getty Images

Carrie & Mike Share Selective Snapshots Of Their Son

Just months away from turning four years old (and having a new baby brother), Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher‘s son Isaiah never fails to make country fans around the world go “aw” every time a new photo of him pops up online.

Even though Carrie and Mike often share photos of their little man, they have famously chosen to keep his face hidden most of the time.

So whenever Carrie and Mike have been willing to show their little man’s face, fans are amazed to see how fast he’s grown. All of those back of the head photos don’t really give that much of a clue!

The Little Guy’s Big Public Appearances

Isaiah has been given a few moments to shine in the spotlight next to his parents, such as when Mike was honored for playing his 1000th game in the NHL, or when Carrie was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The latter event occurred in more recent times, taking place just this year in September.

The year has certainly been a busy one for Carrie.

In addition to receiving her Walk of Fame star, she was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, hosted the CMA Awards for the 11th year, and released her brand-new album, Cry Pretty. (And that’s just scratching the surface!)

A Snuggly Santa’s Helper

Now that the holidays are approaching, she is busy preparing for those, as well as the January arrival of her second son. You’d think she’d be worn out!

While we don’t know how tired Carrie is feeling because of her busy schedule, we can tell that all of the holiday preparations have taken their toll on Isaiah. How do we know? Well, because of the newest photo Carrie shared of him!

The precious picture shows a Santa hat-wearing Isaiah snuggled up with Mike, his face buried deep in his chest. “Even Santa’s helper gets a little tired getting ready for Christmas!” Carrie wrote.

How adorable is that? This has to be one of the sweetest photos of Isaiah that we have ever seen.

If seeing that picture wasn’t enough cuteness for you, be sure to watch Carrie’s video for “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” below. The clip is full of snapshots of Carrie, Mike, and their little guy, some of which were never released before she debuted the video.

We can’t wait for Isaiah’s baby brother to arrive, because they’re sure to take the most adorable photos together!