Gwen Stefani Finally Returns To ‘Voice’ Stage

NBC / Getty Images

When Gwen Stefani left The Voice, fans were devastated. Between her rock and roll attitude and adorable romance with co-coach, Blake Shelton, her absence has definitely been a stab to the heart. Well, now she has plans to return to the show one more time…

A Bittersweet Farewell

Gwen definitely left her mark on The Voice. Her ability to catch “diamonds in the rough” and morph them into total rockstars caught our attention. But, it was the sweet moments of flirtation between her and co-coach, Blake Shelton that had fans tuning in each week.

So when Gwen left to pursue her personal music career, it was a hard pill to swallow. But we ended up with some great new Gwen Stefani albums to add to our collection…

A New Album – Featuring Blake!

Since leaving The Voice, Gwen has come out with a new Christmas album that features a combination of old classics and new hits.

Her song, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” even features her man, Blake Shelton. The two recorded the song together – giving it a little country-pop vibe that sets it apart from the rest.

Her Long-Awaited Return

Gwen has also taken on her “Just A Girl” Las Vegas residency that has been drawing crowds far and wide. She has a little bit of downtime right now which she is filling up quickly. She’s attended award ceremonies and caught up with Blake when she can.

So when she announced she’d be returning to The Voice stage tomorrow night – everyone was ecstatic! The singer is set to sing “Feliz Navidad” off her album and will be joined by international superstar and Latin Grammy Award winner, Mon Laferte.

We’re excited to see her performance alongside Mon and can’t wait to see her reunited with Blake on set! Their chemistry is unbeatable and the music video they created together for “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” just proves it even more.

You can watch the video Gwen and Blake put together below and let us know what you think about her return to The Voice in the comments.