Carrie Underwood’s Son Isaiah’s First Crush Was On Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Marlow

(Left) ROBYN BECK/AFP/ Getty Images /(Right) Maddie Marlow / Twitter

Carrie’s Son Has Such A Charming Personality

From an early age, Carrie Underwood could tell her son Isaiah was going to have an outgoing and charming personality. Before he was two years old, she told The Insider he was definitely far from shy.

He’s a little ham,” she said.” “He loves to be in front of the camera…”

Isaiah’s love of the camera was made crystal clear in early 2019. He got the chance to drop the ceremonial first puck at a Predators match with his dad, Mike Fisher, and he couldn’t stop cheesing it up!

It will be interesting to see if Isaiah’s baby brother, Jacob, develops a similarly outgoing personality as he grows older. He certainly won over two artists Carrie toured with in 2019!

Carrie’s Cry Pretty tourmates Maddie & Tae made it clear before the tour even started that they’d love to babysit Jacob whenever she needed some help.

The mama of two had both of her boys with her on tour, so she was probably grateful for all of the help she could get!

Isaiah Has His First Crush

While Jacob was still too young to appreciate his mama’s concerts in 2019, Isaiah was starting to enjoy them. Mike took him out into the audience during one of Carrie’s concerts, saying it was the first show of her’s that he’s likely to remember.

He had a blast and kept yelling ‘mommy I love you’ when she came close!!” Mike wrote.

It turns out that Isaiah’s mama isn’t the only lady he loved on the tour. As Carrie revealed in an adorable post to Twitter, he developed a HUGE crush on Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Marlow.

Carrie said that Isaiah came to her for help, wanting to dress up and style his hair so he could “look cute for Maddie.” He also asked his mama if he could have some flowers to give to Maddie as a gift.

Carrie’s fans gushed in the comments about how adorable Isaiah is, saying he knows how to treat a lady right!

Maddie also took to social media to fawn over Isaiah’s adorable behavior, saying her “heart just about exploded” over Isaiah’s attempts to woo her.

She praised Carrie and Mike for raising their boys right, writing, “Goes to show what a great example you and your hubby set for your boys.”

But Maddie’s Already Taken…

Even though Carrie warned Maddie not to break his heart, we have a feeling Isaiah may be in for a bit of a letdown. Maddie is already married to her longtime love Jonah Font.

In fact, Maddie told Taste of Country Nights she actually pushed back her wedding date so she and Tae could go on tour with Carrie. That’s how excited they were to open for her!

We’re sure Isaiah is glad that Maddie moved her schedule around, because he seems to be head over heels for her!

Watch Maddie & Tae join Carrie and their fellow tourmates Runaway June for a “Ladies of Country” medley below.

It’s easy to understand why Isaiah has a big crush on Maddie…she is so beautiful and is such a talented singer!