Lukas Nelson Covers Dad Willie’s “Funny How Time Slips Away”

While staying at a friend’s cabin, Lukas Nelson, son of legendary musician Willie Nelson, spontaneously began playing the piano to the tune of his father’s song “Funny How Time Slips Away” and treated his fans and followers to an impromptu performance. 🎵 Ain't it funny how time slips away🎵Who knows what year this classic boxing style poster is from? #WillieNelson […] More

Roger Miller’s Son Honors His Father With Tender Holiday Ballad

Sitting down with just a guitar in his hands, the talented son of a country music legend gives a Christmas tribute to his dad in this one-of-a-kind performance that will simply take your breath away. Penned in 1967, Roger Miller‘s heartfelt Christmas ballad “Old Toy Trains” was written with his son, Dean Miller, in mind. […] More

See 40-Year-Old Video Of Dolly Parton’s Tour Bus

Step inside this totally-70s tour bus that hauled the legendary songstress and her entire band around the country for years while she created some of the biggest hits we’ve come to know and love today. dolly parton in front of her tour bus, 1977 — vintage pics (@60spics) March 24, 2018 Dolly Parton has […] More

Classic Country Stars Join For The Most Inspirational Gospel Performance Ever

Some of the biggest names in the genre of country music came together in 1989 to perform for a once in a lifetime recording of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.” From Johnny Cash, the Nitty Gritty Band, to the iconic Earl Scruggs, the masterful recording is one for the books. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band released the album Will The Circle […] More

14-Year-Old Channels The Talent Of Patsy Cline With Unreal ‘Crazy’

Decades have passed since the world lost American sweetheart Patsy Cline following the tragic crash of her private plane on March 5, 1963. Even though there will never be another quite like Cline, her legacy lives on through the music she left in her wake. Patsy Cline: — Reynold Starnes (@oldhack99) October 17, 2018 A 14-year-old […] More

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Mourns The Loss Of A Loved One

Thanksgiving is all about family, and for Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, this year was no different. What was different, however, was where she and her family spent the holiday. In a heartbreaking yet optimistic blog post, the wife of Jase Robertson revealed that her grandfather, whom she called “Pops,” had passed away from […] More

Clint Black & Lisa Hartman’s Dreamy New Duet Will Prove True Love Is Real

Clint Black and his wife, Lisa Hartman, melted hearts across the nation with their duet “You Still Get To Me.”  “You can put on anything, pretty dress or old blue jeans and you still get to me,” Clint sings to his wife. “First time I saw you honey you lit a flame, I started meltin’ and I still feel the same” sings back Hartman. “Love’s still feelin’ […] More

Beloved NASCAR Team Owner Undergoes Major Surgery

In a brief statement on social media, it was revealed to the public that one of the most recognized team owners in NASCAR had undergone a fairly intensive surgery and that the team all had a great outlook on his recovery. One of the oldest teams in NASCAR history, Wood Brothers Racing has been fielding […] More