Charlie Daniels Jr. Reflects On Two-Year Anniversary Of His Dad’s Death

The Charlie Daniels Band / Instagram

Charlie Daniels died unexpectedly on July 6, 2020. He was 83 years old.

Since Charlie passed away, his son, Charlie Daniels Jr., has been keeping his legacy alive. He continued writing posts on the “Soap Box” section of his father’s website, started The Charlie Daniels Podcast, and has been preparing some of his dad’s unreleased music for distribution.

On the two-year anniversary of Charlie’s death, his son wrote a new “Soap Box” reflecting on what life has been like since he “chang[ed] addresses.”

Twenty-four full months, but it still seems like it just happened a couple of months ago,” Charlie Jr. said. “A bit of the fog has lifted, but there’s still a vacuum where he used to be.”

Charlie Jr. said there are so many things he hoped his dad would be around to see:

I had hoped that dad would get to enjoy a whole new generation of fans discovering the music of that first Volunteer Jam. I wanted to see him hand out presents for Santa to give to the third generation of kids at the annual CDB Christmas party again. I wanted him to meet the special lady in my life. I want to ask him so many questions that I’ve had to try to fill in the blanks with regards to the CDB album soapboxes I’ve been writing. I just want to hug his neck again and tell him that I love him.”

Charlie Jr. wishes he could tell his dad “how proud [he] is to be his son.” He admired him for being so much more than a singer and musician. He admired “his love of country, our troops and our veterans.”

In closing, Charlie Jr. said he wants his dad to know he “will always keep his legacy alive until [he] is no longer able.”

You can read Charlie Jr.’s full post reflecting on the two-year anniversary of his father’s death here. Also, look below to watch Charlie’s music video for his song “Little Folks,” which stars a young Charlie Jr.

Charlie is so dearly missed…