Miranda Lambert Posts Photos From Road Trip With Husband Brendan

Miranda Lambert / Instagram

In June, Miranda Lambert told People she was taking a month off from touring this summer so she and her husband Brendan McLoughlin could go on a long road trip. She spoke about how she’s traveled a lot on tour, but has never truly experienced all of the places she’s traveled to. So she wanted to take a trip where she could just be a tourist.

Lambert is on that road trip now! She and McLoughlin are traveling in their Airstream, and started off in Colorado. Lambert’s good friend and backup singer Gwen Sebastian and her husband have joined them on the trip.

As Lambert previously told People, they’ve planned for the trip to last a total of 20 days. It will take them through Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming. “It’s so far from Nashville that I never had enough time to like, get there,” Lambert said of their destinations.

Lambert posted a batch of photos from the first few days of their vacation. She gushed about everything they experienced so far, saying:

Time off touring means it’s time to hit the dusty trail! There is no better way to spend summer than glamping with your best pals…We’re out on a 20 day run of adventures out west. We kicked it off in beautiful Colorado. Stay tuned for more tales from the road. Happy trails y’all!

Look below to see the photos Lambert shared from the start of her trip. We hope she enjoys her time off!