Chicken Plays ‘America The Beautiful’ On Keyboard

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Bet you never thought that you’d see a chicken play a musical instrument in your lifetime! Well you were mistaken, because there’s one chicken out that who knows how to play a good tune.

This famous feathered musician is a Buff Brahma Bantam chicken named Jokgu. Her owner, Shannon Myers, spoke to Huffington Post about her, saying that she has a real knack for musical instruments.

The coop that Jokgu lives in is packed full of various instruments. Myers said that while most of the chickens peck at the instruments with little care, Jokgu has really taken to them. She explained that it took no time at all to teach Jokgu how to play the keyboard.

It took about 2 weeks to get her to this level through clicker training,” she said. “Just about 10 minutes to get her to peck the keys initially.”

Some of Jokgu’s biggest hits on YouTube have been her renditions of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Heart and Soul.” But now, Jokgu has made herself a viral internet sensation with her soaring cover of a patriotic tune.

When Jokgu’s rendition of “America the Beautiful” was posted, it immediately lit up like a firework. As of press time, the video has over one million views.

For Myers, she felt that “America the Beautiful” was the perfect song to teach Jokgu. She explained her reasoning for doing so:

My chicken coop partner’s family, of Asian heritage, immigrated here,” she said. “We wanted Jokgu (which is Korean for a type of football/soccer game) to play something that I thought at the heart is so true ― that America is Beautiful. What better ambassador than a Chinese breed chicken with a Korean name playing an American anthem?”

We have to agree, and Jokgu does an extraordinary job at playing “America the Beautiful.” With a background track playing, Jokgu pecks along on the keyboard to play the song’s melody. Although she gets a little off count with the backing track at points, it doesn’t take her long to find her place again. She really seemed to be getting into it by the end!

Once Jokgu finished playing her tune, she was rewarded with a tasty treat for a job well done. Now it’s time for you to see Jokgu’s jaw-dropping instrumental skills at work in the video below. We can’t wait to snag a copy of Jokgu’s first record, how about you?