Coors Light Covers I-75 After Semi-Truck Crashes

@FHPTampa / Twitter

On September 21, 2022, Florida Highway Patrol in Tampa released a public statement, along with photos and a video, of a multi-semi-truck crash that left Coors Light all over the I-75.

Police said the crash happened early in the morning and alcohol was involved in the crash, however, it’s not what you may be thinking.

No one was under the influence of alcohol but the crash certainly left hundreds of cases of beer spilled out all across the highway about 30 miles from Tampa.

FHP Tampa wrote on Twitter, “The southbound lanes of I-75 at MM296 remain closed following an early morning crash involving several tractor trailers. Traffic is diverted at SR-50.”

NBC reported that the crash happened after one semi-trailer clipped another while changing lanes.

This caused other semis driving behind it to break but the beer-carrying semi couldn’t stop in time and collided with a pickup truck and another semi.

FHP Tampa said no one driving the semis were injured, however, the occupants of the pickup truck involved in the crash were said to have sustained minor injuries.

Authorities said it took officials nearly six hours to clean and clear the roadway for traveling again. That’s not the only food-spilling truck crashes that have happened lately.

Earlier this month in Memphis, Tennessee, a truck carrying Bertolli alfredo sauce crashed and spilled sauce all over a highway. In addition to that, a truck driving on a highway in California also crashed and dumped hundreds of pounds of tomatoes on the road.