Country Star Shares Video Of Adorable 3-Year-Old’s Hockey Skills

Dierks Bentley Instagram

If the Nashville Predators need a new team member moving into the Stanley Cup Final, we think we’ve found their guy!

The Preds made history on Monday night (May 22) when they won game six of the Western Conference Finals against the Anaheim Ducks. Believe it or not, the Preds have never made it to the Stanley Cup Final before, so the win was monumental for them.

All the hype around the Preds has attracted some of Nashville’s biggest names. Whenever the Preds play at home in Bridgestone Arena you can look out in the crowd and see dozens of country music artists. One big-name star who is also a proud Preds fan is Dierks Bentley, who came to cheer his home team on even when he didn’t have a voice to cheer with!

“Little sick, resting my voice,” Dierks wrote in the caption to a photo that shows his wife and kids in the packed Bridgestone crowd. “But Cass and I got our three best players (cheerers) with us tonight to do all the vocal heavy lifting.

Well, it looks like one of Dierks’ kids may be able to help the Preds on the ice as well! Dierks shared an adorable video on Wednesday (May 24) that shows his three-year-old son, Knox, testing out his hockey skills. Wearing a tiny Preds jersey and a set of skates, he looked the part of a true hockey player.

Based on the video, Knox may be able to give some of the Preds team members a run for their money. He hit that puck around like a pro, and even had the serious hockey player face down pat!

Knox is ready in case he gets the call… how about the look he shoots me at the end of this?!” Dierks captioned the video. You can see exactly what Dierks was talking about when you check out the clip below.

Looks like Dierks and his wife have a future hockey player in the family!