Courageous Man Defends Himself Against An Aggressive Moose Attack

sveen111 / YouTube

Moose are beautiful creatures with massive antlers up to six-feet wide. They are generally perceived as less dangerous than other species like bears. They can live up to 20 years, and they are known to be the largest deer species on the planet.

Shivam Kumar / Unsplash

But moose aren’t safe to be around, especially during the fall mating season in late September and October!

Bull moose can be very aggressive towards humans and charge easily as they feel unsafe. They can become agitated on a road, driveway, or even next to homes if they feel harassed.

In footage viewed by 75,027 people on YouTube, a man said to be in Sweeden faced a very challenging moment when a juvenile bull moose run to him from nowhere to attack him aggressively.

The incident was very fast. The moose turned around the corner, and it took him less than a few seconds to charge at the man who was filming the scene. The moose antlers were red in the footage, as probably the animal recently shed the winter fur on his antlers. It is the season when moose can be the most aggressive.

The man tried to avoid the moose by walking back a few steps quickly and didn’t stop recording the scene. You can hear him shooing the moose away to stop the attack, and have the moose run away. Unfortunately, his strategy didn’t work as the animal tried again a second attack. The man stayed calm and kept pushing the juvenile bull moose away repeatedly until the animal left.

Several people commented on the scene and on how courageous the man recording the scene was

“I could hear a courage in his voice. Repeating determined stop command made moose to stop and go away.” Fellow70 said.

Moose charges are mostly a “bluff” to warn you to stay back and to keep your distance. But, it is safer to avoid getting close to them as they can be unpredictable!