Cow Sent To Slaughter Escapes From Transport Truck

RLS Metro Breaking News / YouTube

A cow was spotted wandering the streets on Wednesday morning after escaping from a truck headed for the slaughterhouse.

The police department said they received a call around 2:55am from a local who spotted the cow roaming around. They said the cow was near the Carteret border between Grant Avenue and Port Reading Avenue in the Port Reading section of town.

Law enforcement contacted animal control who drove out to the location to deal with the situation. They searched for the animal and eventually found it on Port Reading Avenue near the Racestar gas station.

The cow was rounded up and put back on a truck to be taken to the slaughterhouse in Carteret where it was originally going in the first place. Officials said the cow did not damage any property or person during the incident.

Footage Of Escaped Cow Below