Cowboy & Girlfriend Both Earn Golden Tickets For “Shallow” Audition On “Idol”

American Idol / YouTube

As soon as Kat and her boyfriend, Alejandro or “Alex,” walked in to the American Idol audition room, the judges were blown away. Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry were already fans of the pair before they ever heard them sing.

The trio of judges were captivated by Kat and Alex’s good looks. “Good Lord are we filming like a soap opera or is it ‘American Idol ‘Ken and Barbie?” Luke remarked as the pair walked into the room hand-in-hand.

The judges got to know a little bit more about the couple, who met in church. Alex, who goes by the stage name “Space Cowboy,” plays music at Kat’s church.

A friend encouraged Alex to send Kat a message on Instagram, and the rest is history!

Katy was head-over-heels for the couple at this point, and pointed out Kat looked at Alex with so much adoration. As for Luke, he wanted the pair to know one thing. “Your babies are gonna be beautiful,” he said.

After the judges finished gushing over the couple, they finally listened to them sing. They performed one of the most popular duets within recent times…”Shallow” from A Star is Born.

The song was performed by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in the movie.

The Idol judges may have liked Kat and Alex before they sang. But by the time they finished their duet, the judges were flat-out in love with them.

They said it’s a rare thing to send both members of a duo on to Hollywood. But they believed both Kat and Alex had what it takes to make it big.

Katy offered them some high praise.”You guys are both gonna be like, in the Top Ten if you want,” she said.

Luke was still in awe, saying, “Are you real people?

In the end, all three judges said “yes” to both Kat and Alex, and they each earned a golden ticket to Hollywood! Tune in to the video below so you can see how they won the judges over with their performance.

Their real-life romance certainly helped them put forth a convincing cover of “Shallow,” no doubt about that! Kat and Alex got married in January 2021, and continued singing together until 2023, when they announced their split.