Crocodile Tries To Eat Pub Owner, Gets Hit With Frying Pan Instead

Airborne Solutions Helicopter Tours / Facebook

A super viral video clip that was posted to social media shows an elderly Australian man known as Kai Hansen defending himself from getting eaten by a crocodile by hitting it on the head with a frying pan after the predatorial beast charged at him.

Airborne Solutions Helicopter Tours, a helicopter tour company shared to Facebook after flying a group of guests to Hansen’s pub, which is a remote establishment located on an island on the Adelaide River and part of the tour.

The tour company said on Facebook, “Goat Island isn’t your average pub and King Kai isn’t your average publican! You just never know what he’ll serve up next.”

The video showed Hansen’s face-to-face battle with the croc and it starts off with the reptile charging at the man with his mouth open and looking like he was going to have the old man for dinner.

Right when the 7-foot creature was about to bite him, Hansen took his frying pan and hit the animal on the snout two times which was enough to make the croc turn around in a quickness and retreat as fast as it could back to the river.

Since the video has been posted, it has been viewed more than 6.4 million times, shared 18 thousand, and had over 6.8 thousand comments. Many other news outlets and people using social media shared the video giving it even more clout.

According to Newsweek, Hansen said, “I wouldn’t say it’s an everyday event, but I’ve got to stay safe and do what I can.”

Check Out The Viral Crocodile Video Below