Customer Hit By Car, Asks If His Beer Is Okay

Martin County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

Shocking footage released on Tuesday night by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office shows a vehicle losing control, driving into a convenience store, and slamming into a man carrying a large case of beer.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook


The incident took place in Tampa, Florida, and was captured by security cameras at the gas station convenience store, Plantation Pantry.

The footage showed the man walking towards the exit doors of the store with a 12 pack of bottled Bud Light in his hands when he opened the door to a big surprise.

As you’ll soon see… a 21-year-old girl driving an SUV was pulling into the parking spot in front of the store when she said she accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the break.

She accelerated and drove directly into the exit doors of the store, hitting the man and sending him flying into the air with his beer in hand.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

The sheriff’s office said that he was transported to the hospital with injuries to his face due to the glass breaking, but overall, they said he is expected to make a full recovery.

The office said in a Facebook post, “While first responders tended to the victim, he was talking and remained in unusually good spirits, asking deputies if his beer he just purchased was ok.”

Authorities added that it’s “just a miracle” that no one was seriously injured during the incident and that the driver will most likely face careless driving charges.

“Just short of a miracle, the victim in this video is expected to recover after being hit by a vehicle that crashed through the front doors of this store,” they said.

Watch Footage Of The Crash Below