“Cutest” 3-Year-Old Gets 2 Millions Views For Demonstrating Sheep Handling

Twitter / James Rebanks

Three-year-old Barley Brook Sellar and her sheep Ethel went viral when a video was posted of her practicing sheep handling with Ethel for the upcoming Greatest Online Agriculture Show.

Within a couple of hours of the video being posted, people from all over the world were enamored with the adorable duo, especially sweet little Barley.

In the video, her mom’s voice off-camera can be heard asking the adorable toddler what her name is and how old she is. Barley replies in a strong accent.

“I’m Barley Brooks Sellar, I’m three,” as she looks down at her hand to put up three fingers showing her age.

Twitter / James Rebanks

Her mom goes on to ask Barley what her sheep is called, and what type of sheep she is. Barley replies while her sheep playfully gives her a couple of nudges with her head.

“Ethel… um… white,” she says proudly with a smile as she glances over her sheep to see what color she is.

Twitter / James Rebanks

Her mom asks her if she can take the sheep for a walk for her and Barley happily obliges. The two don’t walk far when Barley asks if she should bring her back, and her mom says yes.

Ethel and Barley arrive back in front of the camera where her mom asks them to stand there for her. Barley commands Ethel to stand as she proudly looks at the camera with a huge smile on her face.

Twitter replies poured in with how adorable Barley was and how watching the video made their day.

Watch the endearing video below.