Dale Jr. Finally Reveals Wedding Date

Credit: racingnews.co

During the huge annual celebration for NASCAR drivers and fans everywhere, this racing star opened up in depth about his upcoming wedding with fiancé, Amy Reimann.

Both Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Reimann have remained noticeably silent about the details of their wedding, except for little tidbits that slip out here and there during various interviews.

Dale Jr. has been taking an extremely focused and dedicated approach to rehab and recovery for a significant head trauma injury he suffered earlier this summer. Doctors expressed that it was a serious concussion and he was enduring a lot of the worst symptoms from one. The famed NASCAR driver was later pulled from racing for the remainder of the 2016 season.

With Dale Jr. out of the driver’s seat, fellow teammate Alex Bowman and longtime racing superstar Jeff Gordon stepped up to fill in for him while he spent the following months under the care of multiple specialists.

Having been pulled from the driver’s seat, it seemed only natural for Dale Jr. to get right in the middle of helping Reimann plan their upcoming wedding…but that’s not exactly how it worked out.

Having not released a wedding date or other details, Dale Jr. told reporters that he attended the meetings with Reimann to be supportive, but wasn’t “into all that”.

The pair have been engaged since summer 2015 when they took a special vacation to Europe while Dale Jr. was tracking down his genealogy.

Stopping over in a small German village, the two found themselves in a town that Dale Jr.’s ancestors had lived in nearly 300 years ago.

As Dale Jr. explained to Jimmy Kimmel on his late night talk show, he found a special place in the village to propose to Reimann.

“And the church that [my ancestors] worshipped in is still there,” he began telling the story. “It’s like 1000 years old! I had to do all this research to find out exactly what church it was and make sure I was at the right church – and that’s where I did it!”

Now, during the 2016 NASCAR Fanfest in Las Vegas, Dale Jr. finally opened up about when they’re going to get married…and it’s coming up really soon!

On Friday, December 2nd, he revealed the date while talking during the Sprint Cup Awards. He had just won the NMPA Most Popular Driver Award (For the 14th year).

He finally revealed that they had planned their wedding for December 31st, 2016!

“It’s only a few weeks away,” Earnhardt said. “I’m really excited. I have enjoyed going through the process. I’m excited to be marrying Amy. I told here when we were starting to plan I wanted to be at every function. I wanted to be involved in all the planning. I don’t want to miss anything. I look forward to our future.”

We are so excited and happy for both of them!

Watch the video below where Dale Jr. talks about proposing and his experience on the German autobahn!