Danica Patrick’s New GoDaddy Commercial Isn’t What You’re Used To

Nick Laham/Getty Images

After having commercials banned in the past and others igniting controversy, the best-known female NASCAR driver is returning to television with a whole new advertising spot for GoDaddy.

Danica Patrick and GoDaddy officially parted ways at the end of 2015, but the two had become almost synonymous with one another – and GoDaddy has often been credited with fueling her stardom as a celebrity.

Patrick, a very savvy businesswoman and fitness mogul, has appeared in more than 20 commercials for the domain name and hosting brand – which includes 13 Super Bowl spots, the most for any celebrity to date.

“I’m leaving the track behind, but I’m not standing still. And with GoDaddy, I’ve made my ideas real,” Patrick says, opening the new ad.

Formerly, Patrick was one of the most visible celebrities due to GoDaddy’s unique and risque marketing style. Some of those ads even were pulled off the air or faced intense backlash. In 2008, GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad featuring Patrick was banned by Fox for being too suggestive. Other ads from the company were less graphic in nature, but still pushed the boundaries of television advertising.

This new ad doesn’t follow in the same footsteps of past spots featuring the female racer and definitely earns a G-rating.

“I feel like each time I watch it, it gets better and better and better,” Patrick told The Associated Press. “It definitely has a lot of color and pop that draws your eye in, and as the commercial goes, it gets cuter and cuter. It obviously shows the other businesses that I have. It’s awesome because it’s a commercial for small businesses.”

Responding to critics of her career and her former advertisements with GoDaddy, Patrick expressed that she lives completely regret-free.

“People have a really big voice when they don’t have a face. I’ve got 26 years of proof that I am a driver,” she said. “I don’t ever regret anything I’ve ever done. Everybody grows up and evolves and GoDaddy has gone away from those kind of commercials and I’ve gone away from those kind of commercials.”

“But there was nothing ever shown on TV that I was uncomfortable with.”

Check out Danica Patrick’s newest (and possibly final) GoDaddy commercial below.