“Deadliest Catch” Star Nick Mavar Dies At Age 59

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Former Deadliest Catch Deckhand Nick Mavar Has Died

Deadliest Catch fans are mourning the death of one of the show’s former stars, Nick Mavar.

Deadliest Catch is a show on the Discovery Channel that follows crab fishermen in the Bering Sea and explores the dangerous nature of their profession. Mavar was one of the series’ regular stars, appearing in 98 episodes from Season 1 through Season 17.

Mavar, who worked as a deckhand on the Northwestern boat, also starred in multiple Deadliest Catch spin-off shows.

He was filming Deadliest Catch in 2011 when he was injured during a powerful storm. A hook came loose and hit Mavar in the face, breaking his nose.


Deadliest Catch star Nick Mavar dies at age 59
Nick Mavar / Instagram

Nine years later (in 2020), Mavar suffered another serious medical incident while working on the show. His appendix ruptured during filming, and the rupture revealed a cancerous tumor.

Mavar left Deadliest Catch after the incident. According to Variety, he eventually sued the boat’s owner, Captain Sig Hansen, for $1 million, citing a “failure to have an adequate plan in place” for an emergency amid COVID restrictions.

This lawsuit was later redirected to the production company behind Deadliest Catch. Captain Hansen alleged that the company (Original Productions Inc.) was the force behind the COVID restrictions that delayed Mavar’s medical care.

The company’s lawyers claimed that Mavar and “third parties” were responsible for his injuries and medical issues. In court filings, the company claimed they never agreed to protect Mavar “from loss or calamity.

Deadliest Catch Fans & Crew React To His Death

The Bristol Bay Borough Police Department in Alaska spoke with Variety and confirmed that Mavar died on June 13, 2024, of natural causes. He was 59 years old.

The police told Variety that Mavar was found in a boatyard in Naknek, Alaska. His nephew and Deadliest Catch co-star, Jake Anderson, told The New York Times that Mavar fell from a ladder after suffering a heart attack.


Deadliest Catch fans took to social media to react to the news of Mavar’s death. Some of the reactions on X (formerly Twitter) included:

“I remember wincing in pain when Nick took that hook to the face in a storm…Bering sea fisherman are on another level both physically and mentally but it takes a huge toll on their bodies. So sad that he has passed away at only 59. RIP Nick Mavar.”

“RIP #NickMavar. Sending love to the ⁦@fvnorthwestern crew and the entire fleet.”

“My condolences to #JakeAnderson. I enjoyed watching your Uncle who worked hard and respected the job that put food on our tables. He will not be forgotten.”

Captain Sig Hansen also shared a tribute to Mavar, writing:

I have known nick mavar for my entire fishing career, he has worked on our family boat for 25 plus years. He was more than a crew member, he was a very good friend and a right hand man. The passing of nick mavar spread through the fishing community like wild fire. This is no surprise because of how well known and respected he was by the fishing fleet.

Mavar is survived by his wife, Julie. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, Jake Anderson, and all of Mavar’s loved ones and friends.