Deer Spotted With Giant Growths All Over, Officials Say What They’ll Do About It

CPW NE Region / Twitter

Colorado Parks and Wildlife released a public statement yesterday (April 13) saying they have received multiple calls from people who are concerned about a deer that appears to be in horrible condition.

“We won’t be taking any beauty tips from this deer. Our Wildlife Officers recently checked in on this deer after receiving calls from the public,” CPW wrote on Facebook.

The unsightly deer was photographed by Colorado wildlife officials with massive growths growing all over its body and said it was due to a virus that causes warts called cutaneous fibromas.

These overgrown warts make the deer look like it’s really suffering but officials said the warts are not life-threatening and the deer is considered fine.

“They are pretty unsightly, but not serious. The deer is walking around fine, eating fresh green-up and acting like a deer. We are letting the deer be for now and will continue to monitor it,” CPW said.

Colorado wildlife officials say that the fibromas will eventually regress and the deer will heal completely back to normal. After being healed, it will have a life-long immunity to any future infections from this specific virus.

“Most fibromas will eventually regress and heal completely. When we come across these cases, we check on the animals’ mobility & ability to eat & drink. Once the growths are healed, the deer has lifelong resistant to future infections by this virus,” CPW said.

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