Deer’s Antlers Fall Off After Shaking His Head – Trail Camera Catches It All

Vermont Fish & Wildlife / Facebook

One of the rarest moments that most people never get to see was captured by a trail camera in the woods of Northfield, Vermont. An 8-point buck shook his head when both of his antlers fell off!

Now bucks are known to naturally shed their antlers each year but not very many people ever get to see them actually falling off the deer. This is why this trail camera capturing it on video was an amazing moment indeed.

According to, male deer shed their antlers every year during the winter. The growth period starts in late April and lasts all the way through September and they usually fall off in December through March. Then the deer grow new ones to spar with other bucks and attract a female.

This specific trail camera was set up in front of a crab apple tree where deer have been known to stop by and eat the apples. The camera captured the footage on January 4th at 1:43am in the morning and was later posted to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Facebook page.

One woman named Deborah Hyjek wrote in the comments “Amazing footage of the something most of us will never get to see!”  Another lady named Nancy Dinardo wrote“Looks like he scared himself doing it, too.” And an experienced hunter named Lynn Barrows commented: “As a(n) outdoor person and a hunter, never seen that before.” 

The video is only 15 seconds but since it’s been posted it has been viewed over 130,000 times so far. It appears in the video the deer was trying to scratch an itch it had and in the process of shaking its head its antlers fell off, which scared it and made it run off-camera. It’s something you have to see for sure.

Watch The Deer’s Antlers Fall Off In The Video Below