Dierks Bentley Performs Early 1900s Song “Rovin’ Gambler” In Bluegrass Style

Country Road TV / YouTube

Hitting the stage in front of a crowd of country music legends, this modern day performer surprised them all with this top-notch cover of a classic bluegrass hit – and had them all singing along!

Joining in the festivities for Country’s Family Reunion and their ‘Simply Bluegrass’ series, Dierks Bentley pulled out all the stops for his performance of “Rovin’ Gambler.”

Country’s Family Reunion is a television show most often broadcast on rural TV stations, but can be found nationwide on a variety of networks. The show is a series of specials that focus on what they call ‘reunion videos’ and pull together many of the great country music influencers to sit down with each other, tell stories, and sing songs.

In this rare episode featuring Dierks Bentley, legends like Ricky Skaggs and Bill Anderson found themselves singing right along to “Rovin’ Gambler” – a song many folks have covered over the years and a truly timeless piece of music that lots of us have grown up listening to.

If you ever doubted Bentley’s country roots, this memorable performance of one of America’s favorite bluegrass classics will surely change your mind!

Watch Dierks Bentley take over Country’s Family Reunion with “Rovin’ Gambler” below and let us know what you think in the comments.