Doctor Sings “Imagine” – Gets Over 7 Million Views

Two doctors have gone viral since posting a video of them performing their uplifting rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

In an ABC News interview, the two doctors explained that despite everything going on they felt as though this song was fitting and wanted to bring hope to people.

Dr. Robinson told ABC News:

“We decided to post it as the quarantine had kinda hit its stride and people were inside and … scared and, if nothing else, stir crazy — looking for some hope and comfort.”

Both doctors are chief residents of the orthopedic department at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Dr. Elvis Francois and Dr. William Robinson are no strangers to performing together and having their videos go viral. They have posted videos before of Dr. Elvis singing while Dr. William accompanies him on the piano.

The video of them performing Mike Yung’s, “Alright” garnered over 2.7 million views.

When you’re feeling lowAnd there’s no one aroundWhen it looks like it’s overAnd life’s got you downHold on to me brotherI’ll be there when you needBecause there’s a brighter tomorrow…This I truly believeEverything———EverythingEverything is gonna be alrightSo dry those eyes….it’ll be….alright….A cover of Mike Yung’s debut single "Alright"——Before he retired the legendary Dr. Franklin Sim once told me….”As a surgeon, it is your responsibility to bear the burden of worry with your patients…..”——As health care providers we often meet people at their greatest time of need….and sometimes the best gift you can give is a simple reminder that everything will be alright….——Music Is Medicine——Much love to my brother Dr. William Robinson on the keys, he’s phenomenal. Much love Dr. Bayard Carlson for recording the video. Both are fellow Orthopedic Surgery co-Residents ——

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They also performed Andra Day’s, “Rise Up” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

RISE UP“You're broken down and tiredOf living life on a merry go roundAnd you can't find the fighterBut I see it in you so we gonna walk it outMove mountains…and move mountains—And I'll rise upI'll rise like the dayI'll rise upI'll rise unafraidI'll rise upAnd I'll do it a thousand times again….”—Breast Cancer Awareness Month.——Although 41,400 people will die from breast cancer this year…. 90% of patients initially diagnosed will survive longer than 5 years—These words are a reminder that after your diagnosis……though you may be broken, though you may tired… you must riseThe chemotherapy won’t be easyBut riseRecovering from your mastectomy won’t be easyBut rise…Rise… unafraid, and no matter how hard it gets RISE and do it a thousand times again…—Thankful for the very talented Dr. Robinson William Robinson on the keys#breastcancerawareness

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People from all over the world have commented on the video of the two doctors praising them for their performance.

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You can watch their inspirational rendition of “Imagine” and see an Interview with Dr. William Robinson below.

Imagine all the people…—-In life, there are so many things that divide us. Religion, race, politics, social status and so much more….But today a global pandemic brings us all together as one.—-Over the next few months our health care system will be tested. Many lives will be lost. Health care providers will be under an incredible amount of stress to save thousands of people. But when times are as dark as they are today, nothing shines brighter than the human spirit. —-There is something beautiful about a collective struggle. And the beauty in what we are facing today is that the only way to overcome this pandemic is for us to all come together as one. —-Nurses, doctors, students, research scientists, politicians, Uber eats drivers, cashiers, factory workers etc…..Getting through this will be hard but one thing is certain…the only way we will get through it is together, as one—-——-“You might say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope some day that you will join us…and the world will live as one….”—-Thankful for my brother William Robinson on the piano— ? Kevin A. Pace—Much love to all 7.53 billion people out there,Doctor Elvis

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