Dog Walks Inside House With Tiny Animal Clinging To His Chest

dukeofhawthorn / TikTok

A woman living in Australia shared a video of her dog bringing home an animal friend from outside and it has been going viral with over 637k views since Friday, March 18.

In the social media post, the woman says she was letting her dog Duke in for the night when she noticed something dark hanging from the long hair on his chest.

dukeofhawthorn / TikTok

At first, she thought he was a muddy spot and went to get something to wipe it off, however, when she got closer, she was very surprised at what she saw.

In the video, she says, “So, I just called my dog inside for the night and there’s something dark attached to his chest. And I was like: ‘What have you put your chest in?’ Um, there’s just a possum hanging off his chest.”

After bending down to take a look, she noticed the small dark spot was actually a possum and it was hanging onto Duke like the dog was its new parent.

She calls Duke back outside while she films herself using a towel to remove the critter from her Chow Chow’s chest. Duke calmly stands there like a good boy while the possum is being removed.

dukeofhawthorn / TikTok

After the possum was gently removed, she brought it closer to the camera to get a better look and you can see just how adorable the little guy is.

She looks at it for a few seconds and then places the possum on a nearby fence where it began its journey climbing back into the wild. After posting the video to TikTok, people started commenting on the encounter.

One user said, “OMG (oh my God) my cat had the same thing. A possum hanging off his big white mane. We just died of laughter.”

Another added, “I’m putting my dog out right now. If he doesn’t come back with a precious creature, I’m going to cry.”

A third commenter posted, “This wins the internet today. Adorable. What a sweet pup you have.”

Watch The Video Of The Baby Possum Below