Donny Osmond Has 5 Sons Ranging In Age From 41 To 22

Donny Osmond / Instagram

George and Olive Osmond had a whopping total of nine kids, eight of which were sons. Six of those eight sons later went on to form the popular singing group, The Osmonds, and experienced immense success.

The couple’s only daughter, Marie, never planned to become a singer like her older brothers. But the family’s manager eventually convinced her to sing as well, and her debut single was a number one country hit.

Marie eventually teamed up with her brother, Donny, for a variety show called Donny & Marie. The show ran for many years, and featured elaborate performances that showcased the siblings’ talents.

In more recent years, Donny and Marie were staples of the Las Vegas entertainment lineup, as their residency was one of the most popular in Sin City. But after many years, the duo retired and ended their residency in November 2019.

Now that he no longer has his Vegas residency, Donny now has more free time to spend with his family. And much like his mother and father, Donny has a brood of boys carrying the Osmond family name!

Donny and his wife of over 40 years, Debra, have five children, all of which are sons. Their kids’ names are Donald (born in 1979), Jeremy (born in 1981), Brandon (born in 1985), Christopher (born in 1990), and Joshua (born in 1998).

Since Donny is one proud papa, he often shares pictures of his sons on social media. He and all five of his boys went on a fishing trip in Alaska, and Donny shared multiple pictures from their excursion.

While looking through those pictures, we bet you had to do a double take a few times. That’s because Donny’s handsome sons all look so much like him! Each son is their dad’s spitting image.

In case you needed more proof, just look through the below photos of Donny and his sons.

Donny’s eldest son, Donald, turned 40 in July 2019 and Donny celebrated with a heartfelt post. In addition to carrying his father’s name, he also carries his good looks. They’re so similar in appearance!

Those Osmond genes are strong! All of the boys look exactly like their famous father!

When asked how his sons reacted to his fame while they were growing up, Donny said since they always had him as a dad, they didn’t find it to be strange. Though he did admit they have tried to use his name to their advantage before!

You can listen to Donny talk about his sons by tuning in to the video below.