Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman May Have To Stop Bounty Hunting, He Says In Interview

WGN America / YouTube

In September, Duane “Dog” Chapman was hospitalized when he started having chest pains. He thought he was having a heart attack, but later learned he is suffering from a pulmonary embolism.

They found on the right lung a blood clot,” Dog told People Now. “It was scary.”

Dog is doing better now, and is working to improve his health. After his trip to the hospital, he told ET he is trying to quit smoking and has also been exercising regularly.

On top of taking steps forward to improve his health, Dog may have to take a step back from something else to make sure he doesn’t aggravate his condition. And the thing he may have to step back from is bounty hunting.

This could be difficult for Dog to do, since he makes a living from bounty hunting and has starred in a number of shows about his pursuits.

His latest series, Dog’s Most Wanted, is currently airing on WGN America. It showcases the final weeks in the life of his wife, Beth Chapman, who passed away in June.


But according to Dog, he may not bounty hunt again for a while:

I’m supposed to relax and not run down someone,” he told People Now. “I probably couldn’t even because you can feel it.”

If Dog does have to take a break from bounty hunting, or stop it all together, his fans will surely understand. After all, his health is what matters most.

Plus, Dog’s children will be able to carry on his bounty hunting legacy. Several of his children, including son Leland and daughter Lyssa, have served as bounty hunters in the past.

And even though Dog is taking a step back for now, his fans can still watch him bounty hunt on Dog’s Most Wanted. Head below to see Dog and Beth’s son, Garry, embark on his first bounty hunt during one of the show’s recent episodes.

We’ll be praying that Dog gets to feeling better soon, and hope he takes good care of himself!